#WiSciEstonia 2019

WiSci STEAM Camp

By Olga Wilk, 2019 WiSci Estonia STEAM Camp


The #WiSciEstonia 2019 summer camp, changed my mind and heart.

The Camp involved two firsts for me. It was the most productive camp time I’ve ever had and the most pleasurable stay in international surroundings that I can remember.

Once all the campers arrived, the program started. In the beginning, it involved games so that we could get to know each other. We were arranged in ‘cohort’ groups consisting of 10 people from different countries and attended educational and brainstorm sessions together. After, we got to participate in workshops with Google, Intel and NASA. I learned how to code and create basic apps for Android, assemble electric circuits, and fly drones. Now, I can use what I’ve been taught as a base for mastering those skills.

Throughout the camp, we were also granted numerous opportunities to meet and talk to employees of some of the best tech companies and those involved in international relations. During “mentor hours”, we could decide who we wanted to approach and talk to about their experiences.

Implementing the skills we learned, such as design thinking and detecting logical fallacies, has already impacted the way I think and analyze. I am sure this will impact my further development and growth.

Once the school year starts, the first thing I’m going to do is to set up a Girl Up Club at my school in Wodzisław Śląski, Poland. I have new groundbreaking ideas that I’m going to introduce to my community.

I want to thank Girl Up and all their generous partners for granting 100 girls from Estonia, Poland, Latvia, Georgia and the USA for this life-changing experience.

I hope this was just the beginning.