WiSci 女孩 STEAM 夏令营

无论在全球哪个地方,科学、技术、工程、数学 (STEM) 领域都存在着严重的性别失衡。 WiSci 夏令营旨在通过提供教育机会、导师机会和领导力培训,帮助消除这一差距。

2020 Camps

When and where will the 2020 camps be held?

Stay tuned, young leaders of change! Girl Up is actively planning the 2020 WiSci camps and will announce the location, dates, and application process within the first few months of 2020. We promise, we are just as excited as you are.


Self-identifying girls, ages 15 to 18 at the time of the camp, with at least one year of high school remaining during the 2019-2020 school year, who are citizens or residents of participating countries.

如果有机会的话,申请人应展现出对 STEAM 领域的兴趣以及对学校和社区活动的积极参与。 我们欢迎申请人分享她们面临的、阻止她们继续在 STEAM 领域内追求教育和课外机会的任何个人及/或经济障碍。 对 STEAM 课程感兴趣且经济能力有限或其他学习机会有限的申请人会获得优先考虑。 此外,申请人还应该拥有开放的思想和对跨文化学习体验的兴趣。

WiSci 夏令营的组织方是谁?

WiSci Camp is made possible through a public-private partnership, with many partners from around the world, including U.S. Department of State, the Millennium Challenge Corporation, Girl Up, and private sector partners such as Intel and Google, NASA, the American Society for Microbiology, Microsoft, and more!


Want to apply for 2020 WiSci Camps? Information about the application process including deadlines to apply will be announced in early 2020!


Want to apply for 2020 WiSci Camps? Information about the application process including the notification timeline will be announced in early 2020! Stay tuned!

参加夏令营的费用是多少? 住宿、餐饮和活动包括在内吗?

All selected 2020 participants will receive a scholarship to attend the camp free of charge, a value of over $5,000 USD. All costs associated with lodging, food, and activities during the camp are covered through the support of WiSci partners, in addition to transportation to/from the capital city of your home country (origin of departure). 如果参与者愿意,她们也可以随身携带少量现金,用来购买小纪念品和零食。


不。 申请参加夏令营不需要护照。However, participants will need a passport and potentially need a visa in order to travel to the host countries, once accepted.


Between 70 – 100 campers at each camp.


Camp participants and young adult counselors will stay in dormitory style housing onsite. Each counselor will be responsible for a group of 10 counselors. Camp staff will be composed of staff by Girl Up at all camps. All staff staying overnight on the camp premises are required to undergo a background check.

此外,培训人员以及来自谷歌和英特尔等私营合作伙伴的工作人员会在白天参与进来,教授 STEAM 课程。 还有其他导师和演讲嘉宾(包括政府官员)也会来营地访问,与夏令营的参与者交流互动。