2019 Girl Up Leadership Summit: United Kingdom



1. 报名包括哪些项目?
The registration fee of £44 covers the cost for all programming, as well as breakfast and lunch.
2. I cannot afford the registration fee or travel to attend the event. What do I do?
Apply for financial aid! Find the details below to apply for need-based travel assistance. If you require a complimentary registration to attend the event, please email us at events@girlup.org.
3. Why is the event fee in US dollars?
Girl Up is an initiative of the United Nations Foundation, a U.S. non-profit organization. All Girl Up event registrations are in U.S. dollars.
4. 为什么我无法一次注册多个人?
一次只能注册一个人。 这样,Girl Up 才能收集每位参与者的所有必要信息,包括生日、T 恤尺码和饮食偏好。
5. 登记什么时候结束?
Registration closes once capacity is reached. 这是一场十分热门的活动,我们在过去几年就已经建立了一份候补名单。
6. 是否有团体折扣?
7. 如果我的计划有变,不能参加峰会,我的登记费可以退还吗?
可以,你可以直接通过峰会登记平台 Eventbrite 申请退款。 Refunds will be available until 30 days before the event. If you have any issues with receiving your refund, please reach out to events@girlup.org.
8. 我的父母或陪护人可否登记参加领袖峰会?
No, due to high demand and youth-driven programming, no parents or adult chaperones may register for or attend the Leadership Summit. 如果家长有任何问题或疑虑,可联系 Girl Up 工作人员。
9. Girl Up 可以帮我获得签证吗?
Girl Up 无法帮忙办理任何旅行签证。 If you are attending from a country outside the UK you must make arrangements to secure your visa prior to registering.
10. 峰会将在哪里举行?
Summit programming will take place at The Walt Disney Company located at 3 Queen Caroline Street, Hammersmith, London W6 9PE.


1. Who can/should attend the Girl Up Leadership Summit?
必须是年龄介于 13-22 岁之间的学生才能登记参与峰会。 We encourage youth of all genders to attend!
2. 活动将在什么时候开始和结束?
Breakfast will be served before programming begins. Programming will finish at approximately 5:30 PM. 我们希望与会者参与所有活动。 There will be optional ice cream social immediately following the Summit, open to all attendees who wish to better connect with fellow Summit participants.
3. 什么时候可以获得最终议程?
Registered participants will receive periodic emails leading up to the Summit, and a final version of the program will be sent to all participants in early October. 你可以在 Girl Up 线上社区的“峰会中心”找到有关该议程的信息,例如演讲人公告和工作坊说明。
4. 如果我有意在峰会上发言,或者我知道有人希望在峰会上发言, 应该联系谁?
Please email us all speaker inquiries at events@girlup.org

5. I am interested in sponsoring the Summit. How can I do that?
Click here to sponsor the Girl Up Leadership Summit: 英国伦敦



1. How can I apply for financial assistance?
Apply here for financial assistance to attend the Summit. Keep in mind that financial assistance is need-based, which means that funds are granted based on attendees’ ability to afford Summit-related expenses.
2. 我什么时候可以知道我是否获得经济资助?
You can expect to hear back from Girl Up staff within two weeks of your application for financial aid. We encourage financial aid applicants to immediately register for the Summit as well, to secure your spot.
3. 经济资助申请的最后期限是什么时候?
Financial assistance applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and will close once all available funds have been awarded.
4. Girl Up 会为获得经济资助的人员安排旅行和住宿吗?
不。 Every attendee is personally responsible for booking her/his own travel and hotel (if desired). Girl Up provides a reimbursement to help cover those travel expenses.