Toni Bamisaye

大家好! My name is Toni Bamisaye and I am from London, United Kingdom. I have always been a supporter of equality for all, and as I got older I started to understand the different struggles different groups of people go through especially what girls and people of colour, such as myself, go through. As my understanding of inequality and social injustice grew, so did my will and determination to achieve equality. I first got involved in Girl Up by attending the club ran by Eliza, a former member of Team Strong. After attending the first session my passion for gender equality and helping the community strengthened, and I knew that becoming a Teen Advisor was the best way for me to showcase my passion and what I believe in. Outside of Girl Up, I am a subject prefect for both Economics and History; I regularly help in events, assisting my teachers in promoting the subjects. These subjects are my favourite because they both entail the discussion of social and economic changes in different countries and I find it interesting to see the developments, if any. I also want to have a career in them. In my spare time I like to read books particularly on philosophy and economics. I also like to listen to music, and watch TV. My favourite band is Paramore and my favourite show is Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I am very excited to start my tenure as a Teen Advisor and cannot wait to connect with the other members.