Leena Abdelmoity

Hi Girl Up community! My name is Leena Abdelmoity and I am thrilled to be a teen adviser! I am an honor roll senior at Blue Valley West High School in Overland Park, Kansas. I have a passion for advocacy and collaborating with a diverse group of people to achieve change. In 2018, I was selected to be a U.S. youth delegate to the Youth Assembly at the U.N. This position helped me further my knowledge regarding what issues face not only developing countries, but especially girls in those nations. After the assembly, I wanted to further involve myself with the U.N. and delve deeper into my passion of girl empowerment. I felt like Girl Up was the perfect platform for these goals. Some of my leadership experiences include attending the prestigious National Student Leadership Conference for Law and Advocacy at Georgetown University, being selected as a Student Council officer, being the president of Social Studies National Honors Society (and part of many other honors societies), and being a Student Ambassador. These experiences have helped me develop my public speaking and cooperative skills. To me, advocacy is as important as leadership. Thus, I volunteer with a program through the district attorney called Youth Court. Through Youth Court, I serve as a defense or prosecuting attorney to help youth who have committed misdemeanors get on the right path. This has helped me give youth a second chance. Additionally, I volunteer for Project SKIP to serve on a panel to help truant youth attend school. This has helped me realize the hardships of others because the truant children are often in terrible circumstances.

In my free time, I enjoy playing the violin and have performed at Carnegie Hall. I also have a passion for language learning because of my extensive travel to five continents. Thus, I fluently speak English, Arabic, Spanish, and Italian. Finally, I was selected to play for the Olympic Development Program for soccer. Being a teen advisor is a great honor and I look forward to using my position to empower other girls and carry out Girl Up’s missions!