Lauren Woodhouse

Since my birth, 16 years ago in Rockford Illinois, I have been fully immersed in politics. From my family debating at parties to discovering my own personal beliefs, I find elation in standing with other girls in order for our voices to be heard. Now that I’m older, my interest in social justice and politics has flourished into my life’s passion. In 2013, I moved cross-country and now reside in SE Portland, Oregon as a rising junior at Cleveland High School.

I was intrigued by Girl Up from the moment I found out about it. In the summer of 2016, I had been browsing the internet looking for opportunities to support girls education that had a more hands-on approach. I kept the idea of starting a Girl Up Club at my school in the back of my head since it was summer. Then while volunteering at a Gen UN event, I met the Oregon Coalition Leader for Girl Up. She was so welcoming and supportive, that I was one hundred percent convinced. I am now President of the Girl Up club at my school with 16+ members.

In school, I participate in Mock Trial, Constitution Team, Youth Ending Slavery, and co-direct the middle school program for our Speech and Debate team. In addition to my school involvement, I just finished an internship at the Bus Project, a nonprofit in Portland that aims to get young people involved in our democratic process, and in the summer for 2016 I was very proud to hold an internship with U.S. Congresswoman Cheri Bustos (a total #GirlBoss) at her office in Rock Island, Illinois.

Now as a Girl Up Teen Advisor, I hope to ensure that the next generation of girls is most educated yet and to learn leadership skills which I’m hoping will help me in future endeavors which include: attending Georgetown University, becoming a U.S. Senator, and who knows? Maybe even running for President!

When I’m not getting woke I enjoy joking with my family and friends, listening to R&B music, and binge-watching Scandal.