Ines Gartote

Hi ! My name is Ines, I am 15 and I live in a small town near Lyon, France. I feel incredibly happy to be a Teen Advisor this year and to have the opportunity to help Girl Up advocating for girls and empowering them. I have always felt concerned about gender equality, but I have lately discovered how much work there is still to do. I discovered Girl Up one year ago, while I was looking for a way to get involved in gender equality. It confirmed my desire to get involved in this cause, by doing awareness-raising activities about gender equality in my former junior High school, making fundraiser, debates in my current High school… My first girl model was Hermione in Harry Potter, an intelligent, powerful, courageous girl, and it probably helped me becoming who I am. I am convinced that it is very important for young girls having powerful, intelligent models, and Girl Up is truly helping about that, showing strong, different, powerful women. I can’t say how happy I am to take part, to help and support all the change that is happening about gender equality ! Advocating for gender equality is something very important for me, and I thank Girl Up to give me the opportunity to do it. Being passionate about advocacy since a long time, I would like to do political or law studies and maybe to become a lawyer. In addition to gender equality, I am passionate about music, art, literature, English … and waffles !