Elana Denver

大家好! I am Elana Denver, and I am a proud Girl Up teen advisor of 2018-2019.   I was born in beautiful Santa Monica CA, and have recently moved to equally beautiful Ojai,  CA~ we made the move so that I could be at a more creative and environmental conscious  school. I have always been interested in social justice and creative endeavors, as well animal rights  and equity for all.  I love drawing, illustration, and working with plants. I am also planning to study  environmental sciences, in the hopes that I can help fix the damage that has been done to  the planet. I know water and land rights and conservation will be concerns for our  generation. I care about world issues of all kinds: gender equality, animal rights, water rights, students  safety and education and the encouragement and acknowledgement of the power of  kindness. I have always been interested in these issues and tried to help in what little ways I can. However, after witnessing our fellow high school student’s in Florida preventable tragedy  and their rave and much needed movement to stop gun violence, I want to and need to do  more.

My mom and aunt have always been huge inspirations to me in helping with these  important issues. I believe that our purpose in life is to make the world, at least a little bit better than when  we started. That is why I joined my schools Model United Nations. Our MUN delegation  went to Philadelphia in February of 2018, to join the MUN conference. My school  represented the country of Kuwait, and my partner and I were the representatives for  SOCHUM (​Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee​). Our committee was faced with  the issues of journalist safety, transport and treatment. My partner and I joined a team that  we thought would best help protect journalists and do what we believed was right, while  also standing up for what we thought would work best for Kuwait. My focus was on  amending an Article to include that female journalists would be provided security, safe  accommodation and transport into and out of the Middle East.   I’m really looking forward to bringing my best self to Girl Up, allowing my voice to be heard  and to represent those who are not allowed a voice or feel unheard.  Together we can show up, rise up, and Girl Up!