Anna McGuire

Hi! I’m Anna McGuire, and I’m a sophomore at Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda, Maryland. I have been involved with Girl Up for four years, and I have been running my club for three years.

Since I was little, I have been interested in women and girl’s rights in developing countries. I have a close family friend that grew up in a village in Kenya, and avoided early marriage by convincing her father to let her attend college. She now has opened her own girl’s school within Kenya. Listening to her story was what began my interest in women and girl’s rights.

I first became involved in Girl Up after attending a Girl Up event in DC. Meeting some of the Teen Advisors and hearing about what adolescent girls have to go through in some countries were intriguing to me, and I wanted to learn more. Since then, Girl Up has been a huge part of my life! I really enjoying fundraising and advocating for the campaign. Some of my favorite moments with the campaign include going to a Victoria Justice concert, meeting Senator Dick Durbin, and getting the chance to hear Ambassador Samantha Power speak.

When I’m not involved with Girl Up, I spend my time at extracurriculars and clubs.  I love to be on stage, this past year I was in Miss. Saigon and (an all female) Lord of the Flies at my school. One of my other favorite activities is debate. I love to argue and discuss current events, so it’s a perfect fit. Finally, in the spring I run track with my school.

I’m so excited for another year with this great campaign and I can’t wait to learn more!