Why Teen Advisors Stand #WithRefugees

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With the recent refugee crisis, there are millions of people around the world without access to safe and healthy lives. Unfortunately, there have been some hostile discussions taking place globally about the state of refugees and what our response to this crisis should be. As Teen Advisors, we decided to make this video to show that we support refugees and believe that all countries should work to ensure the safety and prosperity of displaced people.
While Girl Up’s work is complex, our mission is simple: to empower girls living in hard to reach places around the world, and there are millions of these girls in refugee camps. This is ultimately why we decided to make this video. Not only do the struggles of refugees align seamlessly with Girl Up’s values, but also all the Teen Advisors firmly believe that everyone — regardless of nationality, religion, or race — deserves a positive quality of life. We stand with refugees because we want everyone to have the opportunities we were born with. We stand with refugees because we have a duty to do so.
Learn how you can support refugees at girlup.org/refugees
Vaanila Annadurai is a 2016-2017 Teen Advisor Co-Chair who worked with her fellow Teen Advisors to put together this video.