Team Strong Reports on Their Year of Strength

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When girls are educated, strong and healthy they are an incredible force for changing the world!

In 2017, Girl Up and Special K chose four inspiring young women from around the world to be members of Team Strong and report from Girl Up’s 2017 Leadership Summit. For Team Strong, this year brought lasting friendships, new leadership skills and opportunities, and an exploration of how nutrition and inner strength play a role in building their strength to champion causes close to their hearts. As we gear up for 2018 and what is to come, here is a look back on a year of strength.

Meet the Team Strong members:

“It’s been one of the most fantastic things that has happened in my life.” – Leslie, Peru

This was Leslie’s first year on Team Strong, and she loved meeting her teammates and other strong girls. Leslie knows that nourishing her body and living a healthy life helps her fight for causes she cares about, like gender equality and world peace. In 2018 she is prioritizing her health so she can do even more, because without health “we don’t have ideas or the energy to make an impact!”

“It totally changed how I view myself.” – Gabriela, United States

Gabriela found learning about nutrition and how it affects her sense of self was “incredibly healing.” 2017 brought her new friendships and a support system that stands by her, no matter what. She feels ready and energized to face any challenge that comes her way in 2018. “I think the best lesson I’ve learned from Girl Up and Special K is that all girls deserve to be strong.”

“I’ll never look back!” – Charlotte, Uganda

Charlotte has been a member of the Girl Up family since 2015 at the WiSci Girls STEAM Camp. Since then, she has gotten involved with advocacy to the U.S. government, supporting the Protecting Girls’ Access to Education in Vulnerable Settings Act. Charlotte connects the healthy choices she makes for herself to her ability to be a powerful activist.

“I am in control. I have the power.” – Eliza, United Kingdom

This year, Eliza reported out from the Girl Up Leadership Summit and found the infectious spirit of girls her age working for change to be “captivating.” Referring to her crew as “women leaders in the making,” Eliza learned about incorporating nutrition into her daily lifestyle. She witnessed strength in numbers first-hand, noting how a unity impacts activism.

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