Putting the Fun in Fundraising


Written by Girl Up Club Leader Nicole Rabinowitz 

If you want to start a fundraiser to advocate for girls and women but don’t know how to get started, never fear! I am here to show you how. In just a few simple steps, you can can be on your way to setting up a fundraiser for Girl Up and help girls and women.

Fundraising can seem like a daunting task, with all of the planning and setting up that is involved. But, even a small fundraiser can have a big impact! Small businesses love to support their community, so it is ALL about reaching out. Right now, Girl Up has so many different ways to fundraise, like Graduates for Girl Up, donating your birthday, or their fitness fundraiser. Here is how to get started fundraising in 2018:

1. Choose Your Fundraising Strategy:

I know, I know, fundraising can seem intimidating. But, Girl Up makes it SUPER easy to start! All you have to do is head over to their fundraising ideas page, and pick out an event that interests you. Or, if you already have an idea in mind, go with that. Any idea is a good idea, and your own ideas make for an original and unique event.

2. Choose a Local Business:

After picking how you want to fundraise, you need somewhere to hold the event. Small businesses are perfect for this. They love to help the community in any way they can, and will certainly jump at the chance to help you. It can seem intimidating to invite a company to hold an event, but it is all about just asking. I recommend emailing or calling them first. Once you have done that, do not be afraid to go in person to ask them. You can do this!!

3. Alignment Your Goals:

Ok, you found your business, now you need to explain to them why Girl Up is such a great cause. Small businesses love to support causes, so make sure you explain the goals of Girl Up, and try to connect it to their business plan. If the small business supports the goals of Girl Up, it will make them even more excited to get behind your cause and fundraiser.

4. Nail Down the Logistics:

So, you are on your way to having your fundraiser. There are just a couple more things that need to be set in place. Now that the business is willing to help, you need to keep them in the loop. Make sure you are updating them with information like how many people will be attending, the time and date, etc.. Also, you’ll want to make a fundraiser page on Girl Up’s website so people can donate. You got this!

5. Have the Fundraiser and Enjoy!!

You are now a fundraising QUEEN! You have worked hard, found a small business, and got everything into place, so now it is time to have your fundraiser and enjoy. Have fun at your (fun)draiser, and other people will also have a great time. All proceeds are good proceeds, and will help girls and women.