International Day of the Girl is Over… Now What?

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By Girl Up Communications Intern Sophia Del Core

Having post-International Day of the Girl blues? Us too. But, International Day of the Girl was a huge success & we could not have done it without you! This year, we had more than 7,000 people use the #girlhero in more than 120 countries. We see you and we are so grateful you are all as passionate about #girlpower as we are! Every day we are working towards a better and more equal world, and girls are a key part of working towards that change! Spreading the word about what Girl Up stands for helps to change the lives of girls all over the world.

Now that International Day of the Girl has passed, it’s easy to feel a little lost on how to keep promoting Girl Up and celebrating the #girlheroes in our lives. We’re here to help with that. Just because we celebrate one day a year doesn’t mean girls aren’t important every day. Girl Up Clubs work 365 days a year to ensure that girls in developing countries are taken care of.

To continue the celebration here’s some things you and your club can do:

Remember wayyy back in 2015 when you worked so hard to pass the #GirlsCountAct? Don’t you think we deserve an update? We need 20,000 signatures on the petition to ask for a congressional report from the Department of State and USAID so we can make sure girls are counted. Click here to sign the petition! Don’t forget to post and share the link with your friends!

If you don’t remember what the Girls Count Act is, here’s a quick rundown: Girl Up worked with clubs nationwide to pass the Girls Count Act in 2015. This law encourages countries to make sure that when girls are born they are given proper birth certificates and documentation. Many times when a girl is born in a developing country, they do not receive a birth certificate. This bill ensures that United States foreign policy will include the monitoring of programs to address the needs of birth registries in countries where girls are systematically unaccounted for. Want to sign the petition yet?

Wait, there’s more!

You can still grab a Fabletics #girlhero shirt! It supports Girl Up and it’s really cute. Check them out here!

You can upload photos with your #girlhero any and every day! It’s important to tell the people you look up to that they’re a positive influence in your life.

With your help, gender equality for women and girls everywhere is closer and closer everyday.