My 3 Favorite Moments of 2018

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My 3 Girl Up highlights in 2018 2018 was the craziest, most unbelievable and yet best year in my life. I will never forget how it started: with my willingness to engage in social issues I was passionate about and also work towards making my community a more equal and better place for girls. While looking for organizations that would allow me to do so I found Girl Up. I didn’t know it by then but I was about to have the most incredible opportunity of my life – become a Teen Advisor. In this post I’ll share with you a little bit about my experiences so far. Here is my top 3 Girl Up highlights of 2018 😉

1. Meeting my fellow Teen Advisors As part of the TA program, I went to Washington D.C to attend our first TA Weekend, definitely one of the best days of my life! There I met my fellow TAs and was truly able to connect with them. We did have a lot of work to do at the UN Foundation headquarters, where we received awesome trainings and got to know the staff (full of girl heroes by the way!). But we also had an amazing time getting to know each other, exchanging advice, sharing stories, dancing a lot, tasting foods from all over U.S. and the world, laughing… Our backgrounds were incredibly diverse and unique, what made this experience even more enriching. It was awesome to know more about other cultures and – since I’m the first Brazilian TA – also share a little bit of Brazil with them <3

2. Girl Up Leadership Summit It was a unique chance to expand my horizons, definitely changing my positive impact in a remarkable way. The Summit was the perfect blend of outstanding experiences such as meeting engaged people from all over the globe, hearing from incredible speakers, connecting to inspiring girls and women, learning more about gender equality in all its spectrums and also advocating for girls refugees’ rights in Congress! Oh, and we can’t forget that we also had an evening ice cream social at the UN Foundation office. One word for this Summit: unforgettable.

3. Girls + Science = Power In the last trimester of 2018 Girl Up in Brazil partnered with the project Meninas Com Ciência (“Girls With Science”) from the University of São Paulo’s Oceanography Institute. Girls with Science is a project created by female scientists for girls who dream. Mentee girls were from 5th to 9th grade and had classes and experimental activities with badass science researchers, where they were able to experience a bit of the scientific world.

I attended the classes as a Teen Advisor and gave a presentation about Girl Up, whilst spending 3 entire days with the mentees sharing my Teen Advisor experiences. Already on the first day I felt very happy with the generation yet to come, they were very excited about impacting positively their communities and creating Girl Up Clubs.

At the end of the program it was very hard for me to say goodbye to everyone. Right after a short speech, when I was about to leave several girls came and formed a circle around me to hug me. All those tight hugs gave me the certainty that I had fulfilled my job as a TA and as an activist. I was so happy to know that I inspired those little girls! I felt loved and those hugs were definitely one of the best things of my year because I knew that if I’ve changed one girl I’ve changed a whole world.

Those are just some highlights of my year, Girl Up has had the huge power of making 2018 the most remarkable year for me so far. And what about you? What are your highlights?