Yehudit Zicklin-Sidikman

Yehudit is the founder and the current CEO of El HaLev, a nationally recognized non-profit organization in Israel, dedicated to providing self-defense and martial arts training to women and girls, in a safe and empowering environment. In addition, based on that experience she has founded ESD Global Inc., a US non-profit committed to making empowerment self-defense training accessible worldwide. She is a fourth degree black belt in Judo, a certified empowerment self-defense instructor who has an MBA, and a BA, with a psychology major which she believes is a perfect meld of skills to lead ESD Global and El HaLev.

She is a survivor of childhood sexual assault at the hands of the Cantor of her synagogue so she understands this from the inside. She knows that ESD works. She knows that ESD heals and this is where she invests her time and her money.