Marjan Naderi

Marjan Naderi holds titles of being a 5-time Grand Slam Champion winner, the Library of Congress’s 2018 National Book Festival Poetry Slam Champion, 2-time Nationals MIST Spoken Word Winner, 2018 NoVA Invitational Slam Champion, and the 2019 DC Youth Slam Finals Slam Champion. While being on the 2018 & 2019 DC Youth Slam Team, Marjan has been featured on The Washington Postand NowThisHer.

As the first Muslim American and Afghan Woman to be announced the Library of Congress’s National Book Festival Poetry Champion, Marjan Naderi has spoken and performed all over the globe with listeners from Canada to Trinidad and the United States to Britain. She also holds 2018 titles from the NoVa Invitational Slam and the East Coast Annual Slam, and was the 2018 DC Muslim Interscholastic Tournament Spoken Word Winner. As a member of the DC Poetry Slam Team, Marjan has also performed at the White House, Kennedy Center, National Building Museum, Afghan Embassy, The Washington Post, and the Canadian Center of Parliament.