Aija Mayrock

Aija Mayrock is the #1 bestselling author of ‘The Survival Guide to Bullying’, a motivational speaker, performer and writer. Aija began writing her book at 16 years old, after having been bullied in school most of her life. The book was published by Scholastic and has since been published in over 15 counties and has been incorporated into school systems around the U.S.

Aija has traveled all across the U.S. to speak to kids, educators, community leaders and politicians. In the past year, Aija has performed in front of thousands at events such as WE Day, SXSW Edu, The Girl Boss Rally and Fossil’s headquarters for International Day of the Girl. Aija has also turned her attention to issues of gender equality and female empowerment by writing, performing and filming a series of spoken word videos with Buzzfeed, AARP and Now This that have been viewed by millions around the world. In July 2018, Aija opened the United Nations Girl Up summit in Washington DC. Most recently, Aija graced the cover of the Saks Fifth Avenue Fashion Book and was part of their Fearless Women campaign. She also joined forces with DO SOMETHING to empower young people to register to vote.

Aija was recently named one of the Today Show’s heroes for the year and has also appeared on Good Morning America, The View, Huffington Post, Teen Vogue and Seventeen Magazine to name a few.