Why I’m Donating my Graduation to Girl Up

Education , Fundraising

First and foremost, congrats to all graduating seniors! Graduation is an important achievement that represents all of the hard work and accomplishments you have worked hard to achieve. So why not celebrate an important day with girls around the world by donating your graduation. 

All around the world, graduation season is an exciting time and milestone for many young women. However, poverty, discrimination, and exploitation all keep millions of girls from graduating each year. Yet, studies have shown that when a woman is educated, both she and her children lead healthier, higher quality lives. Thus, offering girls basic education is one sure way of giving them a path to success.

In honor of your graduation, I’m calling on all graduating seniors to take part in Girl Up’s Donate your Graduation Day campaign, by giving or asking for small donations that give back to help transform girls lives around the world. Girl Up’s efforts to educate girls around the world is only possible through the generous funding they have received from young women like you. Your donation can help support a girl in poverty transform her life to ensure she has a more prosperous future.

Personally, I’ll be donating my graduation day by reaching out to friends and family to send in donations to Girl Up as a way to celebrate this big accomplishment. I understand that many girls are not able to attend school and graduation isn’t a reality for them but by donating to the campaign people can ensure that that girls in the future have an opportunity to graduate from their high schools and universities.

I hope this to spurs and inspires you to not take your education for granted and to use it to pay it forward by helping the cause. Any support will be highly appreciated by the campaign and the girls we empower every day. You can register to donate your graduation here.

Judy Waters is a current senior graduating from George Washington University and an intern for Girl Up.