Why Amal Clooney is my #girlhero

Day of the Girl , International Day of the Girl

Blog written by: Leena Abdelmoity, 2018-2019 Girl Up Teen Advisor

What separates a girl hero from her counterparts is her strong voice that advocates for even those she has not seen before. It is her ability to empower the oppressed so that they achieve their dreams. It is her persistence to fight the status quo whenever it tries to patch the glass ceiling. It is her ability to emerge from hardships stronger. Although there are many powerful women who fit this criteria, my #girlhero is Amal Clooney.

Amal Clooney reminds me that diligence and hard work are not only what leads to success, but it is also the ability to dream big. Even though Clooney was born in a family that was not very rich and that had to move to England to escape the Lebanese Civil War, she always used her situation as a motivator to help others going through a tough time. She dreamed of becoming a lawyer and worked persistently until she attended Oxford to study human rights.

After studying at Oxford, Amal became one of the most respected international human rights lawyers in the world. She has represented the Greek government, served as a special adviser to former U.N. security general Kofi Anaan, and has advocated for the protection of women against physical and sexual violence in conflict zones. As an aspiring international human rights lawyer, I find it fascinating how Amal represents a diverse body of clients to achieve the same goals: justice and equality.

Finally, Amal Clooney is someone I consider as a #girlhero because she employs her fame in a positive way to help others. When Amal got in the public eye more after marrying George, she used her attention to gain more support for U.N. peace efforts. She started the Clooney Foundation For Justice to ensure that no one is above or below the law and that refugees have the opportunity to pursue an education. Amal Clooney inspires me to advocate for others because she did not wait for a hero to reach a hand to the mistreated, she reached her hand out and became that hero.

Every girl has the potential of becoming a #girlhero. To be part of the #girlhero movement and make a difference, you can take the following steps:

  1. Post on social media using #girlhero and show Girl Up who embodies the characteristic of a girl hero. You can download the Day of the Girl Club toolkit here too.
  2. Sign up on the fundraising page to help refugees in Uganda,
  3. Buy a #girlhero shirt, and
  4. Sign the Girls Count Act petition also found on the Girl Up advocacy app.