How Does Your Family Celebrate the Holidays – and What Does it Mean to You?

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Christmas in Mexico

You know it is Christmas season when you start smelling the sweet scent of ponche, when the mornings are so cold that you don’t want to get out of your bed, but mostly, when you can see the peace and the hope in the faces of each person. It seems that Christmas is not just a day or a family night, but a large period of parties, festivals and celebrations, here in Mexico we call it “Maratón Guadalupe Reyes “. It is nine days before Christmas that the Posadas start, and we celebrate a new one each day until Christmas.

The tradition of the Posada is related to the Catholic religion beliefs, each Posada represents a home that Virgin Mary and Joseph visited during they pilgrimage from Nazareth to Belem, where Jesus was born. Although these celebrations originate from religious traditions, it has become such a representation of Christmas in Latin America that most of the people take part of. Something representative of the posadas are the chants, while everyone is holding candles or flare lights, the people separates in two groups, each one at one side of the door, and one of them sing the other one for permission to get in (representing Mary and Joseph), at the end the group that is inside lets the other group in; after this you can eat typical food, break piñatas and obviously drink a lot of ponche.

On December 18, the club Girl Up Aiala hosted the first Posada to raise funds for SchoolCycle, we served a lot of Mexican food like enchiladas, tamales, tacos, pozole… And played typical games like Lotería and Pirinola and the piñatas were broken at the end. It was wonderful to see how Girl Up can reach different traditions and the way that these celebrations can united different cultures in each club.

Post by: Girl Up Teen Advisor Paola Celeste Alanís Ricárdez.