At Girl Up, Teen Advisors are leading Girl Up’s “by girls, for girls” movement, carrying out advocacy goals, providing feedback on our strategy and energizing others to take action for girls around the world.

什么是 Girl Up 青年顾问?

The Teen Advisor program exemplifies Girl Up’s core value of being girl-led and girl-driven. Composed of a widely diverse group of teenage girls, Teen Advisors are passionate changemakers who together spread and fuel Girl Up’s work. Teen Advisors are central to all Girl Up decision-making by advising on strategy and serve as leading voices for our work to advance global gender equality. 为了帮助青年顾问完成任务,Girl Up 向她们提供了技能培训、职业发展机会、实践性学习,还帮助她们与工作人员的建立人际关系。

Since the first Teen Advisor class began in 2010, more than 136 girls have developed their leadership skills through this global program. Collectively, Girl Up Teen Advisors have raised more than $500,000, completed more than 7,000 hours of service, hosted hundreds of events in their communities around the world and performed more than 500 advocacy actions at local, national, and global levels.

认识 2018-2019 届 Girl Up 青年顾问:


Every January, Girl Up opens the first round of applications to self-identified teen girls who are ready and excited to change the world. Girl Up selects girls from the first round and invites them to an interview process for the second round. Girl Up notifies the new class of Teen Advisors in mid-April. 青年顾问的任期从 6 月 1 日开始,为期一年。

The 2019-2020 Girl Up Teen Advisor application consists of an online application answering the below essay questions and a video submission. In addition, a letter of recommendation with the subject line Teen Advisor Application Recommendation Letter_Last Name_First Name must also be submitted to Community@GirlUp.org for an application to be considered complete. Only complete applications submitted by 11:59pm EST on February 18, 2019 will be considered.

Essay questions:

  1. Please explain your involvement with Girl Up to date (250 words)
  2. Serving as a Girl Up Teen Advisor requires a significant time commitment. We value well-rounded applicants and bringing your full self to the program. Please list any other commitments/activities/clubs etc. that will occupy your time next year (June 1, 2019 – May 30, 2020) (75 words)
  3. Many inequalities exist in our backyards. With a gender lens, what is one local social justice issue that speaks to you? Share your ideas on how you would address it (with the help of others of course!). Why is it important to fight for this issue in your community and around the world (300 words)
  4. Champions are celebrities, athletes, activists, etc. who help spread awareness on behalf of Girl Up. Who would you like to see as a Girl Up Champion and why? (200 words)
  5. What event would you like to plan and execute during your Teen Advisor tenure? Please list out your goals and the steps of action you would take (250 words)
  6. Describe the community you grew up in and how it influenced you, your upbringings, values, experiences, etc. Girl Up is committed to diversity and inclusion in all forms and respects all of our supporters’ complex and varying identities (300 words)
  7. Girl Up gets hundreds of applications for the Teen Advisory Board, and while everyone is a total #girlhero, what makes you stand out from the rest and why? Think about what you would like to gain from the Teen Advisor program (300 words)
  8. VIDEO: In a ONE minute video, please record yourself answering the following questions: A) What is one word that represents the power of girls? B) What issue do you care about the most and how will you use your Teen Advisor tenure to address it? Be ready to provide a link to your video.


  • January 23: 首轮申请开启。
  • February 18: Application closes.
  • March: Girl Up 通知申请人首轮申请结果。 Those selected will receive Second Round application interview instructions.
  • April: 选出青年顾问并通知她们最终结果。
  • 6 月 1 日: 新一届青年顾问任期开始。


**Applications are open to self-identified girls from around the world.

  • 必须具备与美国 9-12 年级同等的教育水平
  • 成熟、具有文化开放心态,乐于学习不同文化
  • 致力于为女孩和妇女赋能
  • 具备极强的领导才能,真正希望通过参加社群和学校组织的有意义的讨论、学习和行动,成为一位具有全球意识的公民
  • Have knowledge of and passion for Girl Up’s mission and vision for gender equality around the world
  • 能够完成青年顾问的下列所有职责


  • 出席并积极参与和准备月度电话会议/网络研讨会(预定于每个月的第二个星期天召开)
  • Attend mandatory in-person meetings — one during the annual Girl Up Leadership Summit in Washington D.C. (July 15-17) and two additional trainings between September – November 2019 and in early 2020.
  • 在所在学校或周边社区建立和/或领导 Girl Up 社团
  • 定期为 Girl Up 社团和高校团体的在线交流中心 Girl Up 线上社区提供支持
  • 在社群的媒体和活动中代表 Girl Up


  • Advise Girl Up on organizational strategy
  • 通过与工作人员不断交流,深入了解 Girl Up,最重要的是,与她们建立人际关系
  • 获得强化技能培训、职业发展机会和实践性学习
  • Access to a global network of like-minded peers
  • Access to experts in their fields, including United Nations speakers
  • Opportunity and financial support to attend special events and conferences


  • Teen Advisor Applications are now closed.

“如果要说我从担任 Girl Up 青年顾问中学到什么的话,那就是每个女孩都是强大的,她们团结起来将无人能挡。 在这个强大、充满智慧且雄心勃勃的女性社群中,我找到了归属感和姐妹情谊,每一天我都为她们所鼓舞,激励自己变得更加勇敢和强大,努力做一名更优秀的领袖。” — Amy Gong Liu,2014-2015 届

** Girl Up 力求建立和维护一个文化多元和包容的青年顾问团队。 我们特别鼓励在以下方面具有未被充分代表背景的女孩申请成为青年顾问:种族/民族、国籍、社会经济地位、性取向、性别认同、能力和宗教等。