Caterpillar Foundation

Caterpillar Foundation believes in the power of investing in girls and women to create real and lasting change for themselves and for their communities.

That is why Caterpillar Foundation is proud to support the Girl Up campaign and its role in providing girls the skills and knowledge to help improve the lives of the hardest-to-reach adolescent girls around the world.

With support from the Caterpillar Foundation, Girl Up can continue to give girls a voice in the global conversation about issues that directly affect the lives of adolescent girls in impoverished nations. By funding initiatives like Girl Up Clubs and Teen Advisors, Caterpillar Foundation is able to help girls in developing countries reach their full potential by raising awareness and funds for programs that provide access to health care and education.

These UN initiatives, funded in-part by Caterpillar Foundation, have had an impact on the lives of girls all around the world. In Liberia specifically, UN programs have helped reduce gender-based violence.

Alongside partners like Girl Up, Caterpillar Foundation is dedicated to turning the spiral of poverty into a path to prosperity for girls worldwide.

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