4 Things I’m Looking Forward to with Girl Up in 2019

Education , Fundraising , Refugees , Supporters in Action

By: Fatimata Cham, 2018-2019 Girl Up Teen Advisor

As a Girl Up Teen Advisor, I have been given access to opportunities that I would not have otherwise and for that I am grateful. But these are four things I am looking forward to with Girl Up:

  1. Helping to expand Girl Up Clubs across the Lake West region and Vermont. As a Teen Advisor, this year I have spoken to many teens in my school about Girl Up and help to start the first ever Club in the state of New Hampshire. But I think it’s important for other schools to get involved too because every voice matters. We need more people engaged and help spread awareness about gender equality around the globe. In January and February I will be presenting along with the Girl Up New Hampshire committee to help people start their own Clubs and find out ways they can become leaders in this movement for global gender equality.
  2. The 2nd Teen Advisor weekend in Seattle. I am looking forward to seeing all my Teen Advisors in Seattle. Most importantly, I am looking forward to learning about the Girl Up Clubs in the area and the work they are doing to help support the movement on global gender equality. But of course, I am so looking forward to seeing more of Seattle. It will be first time on a plane so I am super nervous but excited. My mother will be joining me on this trip and that means a lot to me because she is one of the main reasons why I want to fight for gender equality and she has continuously inspired me to pursue my goals and passions.
  3. Hosting events at my school. I am looking forward to hosting more Girl Up events at my school. Events are a great way to get the larger community in my school involved in this movement. The events we are looking forward to hosting are STEM for Social Good, in-district-meetings with our representatives and many more discussions revolving around the status of gender equality around the globe.
  4. Spreading Awareness about Girls in Uganda. I think it is important to continue to raise awareness about the situation of refugee girls in Uganda. It does not stop after Give Her A Future. Girls like you and me should continue to donate to Girl Up because these girls need school resources to pursue their dreams and get an education. Education and the ability to attain knowledge is a human right. It is not just a boy’s right but a girl’s right as well – for all genders actually! Allowing girls an education is helping build and create the world’s next leaders. Don’t you agree?