Orange Your World to End Violence Against Women and Girls

Safety and Violence

Violence against women and girls (VAWG) is a human rights abuse that deprives girls and women of their ability to live healthy, happy, and fulfilled lives. VAWG is the consequence of social, economic, and legal discrimination against those who identify as female, both in public and private spaces.

Despite growing awareness and progress, VAWG remains a global pandemic that impacts up to 70% of all girls and women, who will experience some form of gender-based violence in their lifetime. Today, high levels of violence against girls and women pose a significant barrier to achieving progress in the areas of poverty eradication, combating HIV/AIDs, peace and security, and the Sustainable Development Goals as a whole.

Although VAWG is often framed as physical abuse, this violence also includes the sexual and emotional abuse of girls and women. Forms of VAWG include: domestic abuse, sexual assault/harassment, sex trafficking, child marriage, honor killings, stalking, and many others.

Ending violence against girls and women will require a global, societal commitment to standing up against VAWG, and this movement will require everyone’s awareness and participation. Are you ready to create change? We know you are!
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November 25 is International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, a day designated by the UN as a global call to action to end all violence against girls and women. November 25 will also kick off the UN Secretary General UNiTE Campaign’s “Orange the World: End Violence Against Women and Girls” initiative, a 16-day period from Nov. 25 – Dec. 10 that is dedicated to global activism against gender-based violence. The color orange was selected to represent the brighter future girls and women will face without violence.

Check out our “Orange the World” Toolkit for inspiration on how YOU can participate in ending violence against girls and women! Curious to learn more or in need of a quick review? Take a look at our violence against women and girls fast facts page!