10 Tips for Self-Care You Can Do Today


As a sophomore in college who takes 5 classes, works an internship and still tries to make time for her friends, life can get pretty stressful! That’s why I am constantly taking me time and practicing healthy habits of self-care! Here are 10 ideas to destress after a long day:

1. Watch a movie:

Since I was younger, I have always loved watching movies. I have never been someone who can watch the first half of a movie and not finish it, as I usually gets absorbed into the plot and characters and need to know what happens! Maybe binge watching your netflix show of choice is more your cup of tea, but I’ve always been drawn to full movies.

2. Listen to music:

I always turned to music to comfort and relax me though stressful periods of my life. My music of choice is actually EDM (electronic dance music) to pick me up and make me feel good, but yours might be different. One of my roommates always turns to classical musical to destress and it really seems to help her! I also know people who have favorite meditation or de-stress podcasts that you can download for free to get listening. 

3. Get Active:

Any type of exercising is proven to make you feel good by releasing endorphins in your body. I personally find that doing zumba is very beneficial to me, but some people prefer to hit the gym, go for a run or do a squat.

4. Call your person:

Sometimes it helps to talk to your favorite person; for me it’s my mom. (Especially since I’m in college and frequently forget to call her… sorry mom!)

5. Stalk your favorite online account:

For me, there’s nothing better than mindlessly scrolling through Instagram for hours, but I have a few funny or inspiring accounts I specifically hit up to decompress. I personally go to my favorite cat account or meme account on insta for some R&R. Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Vine (RIP), make a list of your favorite feel-good accounts. 

6. Take a hot shower:

A hot shower is often the only time all day I’m completely alone! It’s just you and the water, with no expectations or obligations needed to be filled. Hot showers are great for reflecting and privacy, and the sound of water is proven to be relaxing.

7. Plan something fun to do with your friends:

Give yourself something to look forward to! Text your friends and plan something for the future, brunch, a movie, something you and your friends enjoy doing together.

8. Cook a meal:

My roommate really likes cooking. Whenever she has a rough day, she turns on some music and cooks herself something. She prefers to cook meals that remind her of home, but I prefer when she bakes chocolate chip cookies.

9. Do a face mask:

A lot of my friends say that face masks are a great way to unwind and practice self-care. If you’re not a face mask person (like me) think about other nice things you can do for yourself to make you feel good. 

10. Read some inspirational quotes:

Reading or hearing uplifting messages has been a proven mood-booster. Here is a list of my favorite quotes for your inspo board!


Blog written by: Taylor G., Girl Up Intern

Header photo credit: Cosmopolitan Magazine